Growth For Good: Tanager President Ana Bilik writes for Harvest 2050

Tanager President Ana Bilik wrote a piece entitled “Growth For Good” for Harvest 2050 – a blog platform supporting Virginia Tech’s 2019 Global Agricultural Productivity Report. Click here to read the entire piece.

Growth For Good
by Ana Bilik, President, Tanager

As a mother raising a teenage son, I think about the world that he is growing up into, that he will ultimately inherit from us. My son thinks about this too, and he often challenges me and opens my mind to think about things in different ways. This weekend, with the opening of Marvel’s most recent installment of the Avengers franchise, we had a lively discussion about whether or not supervillain Thanos snapping away half the living things in the universe would be the best way to feed the galactic populations.

As the president of Tanager, an ACDI/VOCA affiliated international nonprofit with a global mission to help solve problems of poverty, food insecurity, nutrition and gender inequity, I have some ideas about less draconian courses of action. We believe that the solution to ending global hunger lies in connecting people in food systems around the world. We need more actors to engage in the global food system, not less (sorry Thanos). Read more on the Harvest 2050 blog.