Communities, connection, and COVID-19 in India

In India, Tanager partners with smallholder farmers, government entities, corporations, and foundations to help increase farmer income through robust training on Good Agricultural Practices, support for gender equality, strengthening of Farmer Producer Organizations, and streamlined access to markets. COVID-19 and the restrictions put in place by the government have brought new challenges to implementing this work. However, Tanager’s close connection to the communities where we work is helping us make progress on commitments without risking the safety of farmers or staff.

With care & resilience, Tanager is responding to COVID 19 in the communities where we work

We are living in unprecedented times, at least in my lifetime, where a global pandemic is evolving so quickly. As a global organization, Tanager is seeing and feeling the impacts of COVID-19 around the world. At the outset, our primary imperative has been the health and safety of our staff, families, and the communities where we work. As flights were being cancelled and boarders closed, Tanager quickly directed its energies to repatriating traveling staff members; closing offices and transitioning to global teleworking; and communicating with partners and people in the communities where we work about social distancing and proper hygiene (hand washing) to ensure everyone’s safety.