The Gender Factors that Influence Teff Farming Decisions

IGNITE & Sasakawa: Gender-specific drivers of best practice adoption among teff farmers. This study identifies key gender factors that influence decision-making on the adoption of best practices (BPs) in teff farming households in Amhara, Ethiopia. The research was conducted by the Impacting Gender & Nutrition through Innovative Technical Exchange in Agriculture (IGNITE), in consultation with Sasakawa Africa Association.

Impacts of Women-Only Farmer Groups on the Adoption of Agricultural Practices

IGNITE & Digital Green: Exploring Intra-Household Decision-Making and Best Practice Adoption Outcomes of Women-Targeted Digital Extension. Women in Ethiopia face various barriers to adopting agricultural best practices. Using household surveys with 1,740 wheat farmers from 895 households in Ethiopia’s Amhara region, this study investigates if using women-only farmer groups mitigate those barriers to access for women and lead to increased knowledge and adoption of best practices for wheat farmers, or changes in decision-making power for women. The research was conducted by the Impacting Gender & Nutrition through Innovative Technical Exchange in Agriculture (IGNITE), in consultation with Digital Green.

Gender Differences on Pod Borer Resistant Cowpea Adoption

IGNITE & AATF: This lean data study gauges AATF’s success in increasing adoption of the PBR cowpea, a pest-resistant strain of this protein source, amongst smallholder farmers in Nigeria. The research, which incorporated a gender and nutrition focus, gathered feedback from AATF extension agents, demo farmers, and observer farmers.

AgResults Kenya: On-Farm Storage Challenge Project Summary Report

This report examines the results of the AgResults Kenya On-Farm Storage Challenge Project – a Tanager-supported project that challenged Kenyan companies to create on-farm grain storage devices for smallholder farmers in Kenya. As summarized in this report, these devices allowed farmers to protect upwards of 413,265 MT of grain from marauding pests. The farmers and their families will now have access to pesticide-free grain available for household consumption. The companies that created the storage devices were able to establish market linkages which ultimately will make these grain storage devices available to more farmers in Kenya.

Opportunities in Agricultural Value Chain Digitization: Learnings from Ghana

A report prepared by GSMA mAgri discusses experiences building mobile money ecosystems and draws lessons learned regarding digitization as a means of providing last mile financial services. The report features an initiative with Tanager (operating then as ASI), facilitating the rollout of a mobile money payment system for Ghana Rubber Estates Limited, sourcing from 9,000 outgrowers.

Compendium of Good Practices in Training for Gender Equality

This UN Women publication compiles practices from several world regions. It offers in-depth information on ten different practices, including detailed outlines of training courses, examples of dealing with challenges that arise in training for gender equality, and a collection of tools and activities for use in such training initiatives. Tanager’s “Gender, Rights and Collective Action” approach (developed while it operated as ASI) is featured in the compendium.

The Good Agricultural Practices Compendium for Mentha arvensis

A collection of best agronomic and distillation practices in mint. The information and analysis contained in the compendium was based on consultations with farmers, experts from the Central Institute for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP), and private sector companies working at different points in the mint value chain in Uttar Pradesh.