WHERE : India

The state of Andhra Pradesh, India has a population of 50 million people, 60% of whom are involved in agriculture. Farmer producer organizations are being established to better organize the sector. However, they lack the capital or capacity to address both the supply and demand side challenges such as low quality inputs, limited access to key services, weak market linkages and price volatility, that limit the agriculture sector in the state from reaching its true economic potential.

Market Solution

The Andhra Pradesh Farmer Market Readiness Project (APFMRP) is a two-year Walmart Foundation-funded project that is designed to 1) provide producers and buyers with the tools and skills to minimize information asymmetries; 2) improve the farming ecosystem to increase smallholder incomes in Andhra Pradesh; and 3) improve the sourcing environment for buyers. Tanager works to increase the productivity of farmers by building strong Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) so they have the capacity to provide farmers with the knowledge, resources, and services they need to be market ready. We also work with FPOs and buyers to establish equitable sourcing relationships that allow farmers to diversify markets for their produce, and buyers to reliably source products. Additionally, we leverage investment from the private sector, enabling farmers to understand how to access subsidies from the government and credit from financial institutions.

Farmers and FPOs are ready to jump the s-curve to greater business acumen.


Andhra Pradesh Farmer Market Readiness Project (APFMRP)



Market Impact

  • Reach 15,000 farmers in Andhra Pradesh, equipping them to increase their yields, access finance, and market their produce
  • Increase the incomes of farmers participating in the program
  • Over 15 FPOs provide improved services to members, and 10,000 farmers are selling their produce through FPOs