WHAT : Financial Services

Expanding Access to Financial Services
Change is the nature of our work.

Access to finance is a recognized barrier to growth for smallholder producers. Tanager is helping to develop a cashless banking ecosystem to bridge between rural communities and brick and mortar banking services. We work with financial service providers to adapt their services to the needs of agriculture supply chains. And we support producers to build their financial acumen, establish a credit history, and develop relationships with financial service providers. Using emerging technology is eliminating the risks associated with traditional cash transfers and is changing how producers can grow. Tanager is also working with financial service providers to buy down the risk of developing financial products for smallholder producers.

Tanager is working with agribusiness, mobile money providers, and smallholder farmers to build out a cashless banking ecosystem that ensures timely payment to networks of producers while building their credit and access to other financial services. Read more.

By providing bank guarantees to lending institutions in Burkina Faso, they are willing to take the risk to development much needed loan products for poultry producers to be able to make capital investments in their small-scale operations. Read more.