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While there is growing recognition in the international community of the importance of integrating nutrition into agriculture interventions, the evidence base and skills are still being built on the best ways to do this. Donors are demanding nutrition outcomes from agriculture interventions; most implementing organizations lack the tools, support, and knowledge to implement nutrition-sensitive interventions.

Market Solution

The Agriculture to Nutrition (ATONU): Improving Nutrition Outcomes Through Optimized Agricultural Investments project was an Africa regional initiative that provided technical assistance to integrate tailored nutrition-sensitive interventions into planned and ongoing agricultural investments. Tanager (operating then as ASI) worked alongside African institutions to apply a strategic lens to identifying the most effective ways to integrate nutrition into agriculture programs. The seven-member ATONU consortium led by FANRPAN featured representatives from major research institutions, African universities, and international NGOs.


Agriculture to Nutrition (ATONU)


Africa Region

Market Impact

Tanager’s contribution to the initiative included development of:

  1. Nutrition-sensitive selection tool—an interactive tool that walks agriculture practitioners through the design of appropriate nutrition-sensitive interventions.
  2. Nutrition training for farmers—nutrition training targeted at male farmers using a cascade training model.
  3. Household budgeting for a nutritious diet—training for couples on how to effectively use their resources to purchase or grow more nutritious foods. ATONU used the curriculum for activities with poultry producers in Tanzania and Ethiopia, and ACDI/VOCA later adapted the training for use with their projects in Kyrgyzstan and Sierra Leone.