WHAT : New Ideas

Testing New Ideas
We know what works – and why.

The world’s most pressing supply chain problems require creative and adaptive market-oriented solutions. We combine technical expertise and business perspective to assess markets, analyze supply chains and pilot new technologies and tools. We put promising business models to the test. Shed light on issues critical to market success. And advance research vital to emerging economies. Together with our partners, we analyze how new ideas — agronomic practices, inputs, technologies, workforce skills, business models — can positively impact smallholder producers or strengthen the workforce. Tanager conducts rigorous research and data analysis to answers supply chain questions and to implement the right solutions.

Aflatoxin contamination in staple food crops like maize and peanuts pose a health risk to households consuming them, and limit the income potential from these crops. We have tested and are scaling up approaches to mitigate aflatoxin prevalence in food crops and supply chains. Read more.

Tanager is testing different ways of incentivizing commercial actors to address economic and social challenges. In Kenya, we are piloting a pull mechanism which is successfully drawing in manufacturers to increase smallholder use of hermetic storage for crops, improving food safety and security. Read more.

Tanager is testing a range of agronomic practices – ranging from varietals, planting, irrigation to distillation – and scaling up those that prove to be most effective at increasing productivity and profitability for smallholder farmers. Read more.





The EZDry500 maize dryer, developed and tested by Tanager, can reduce moisture level content of maize to mitigate aflatoxin prevalence and increase food safety and incomes of smallholder farmers.