WHAT : Nutrition and Gender

Nutrition and Gender
Good nutrition and gender outcomes through good agriculture

Better agriculture productivity and income can translate into better nutrition outcomes and greater gender equity in the workforce. We use agriculture as a point of entry to change nutrition behaviors and gender norms at the household level, improving food consumption and increasing women’s economic empowerment.

We see agriculture, nutrition, and gender equality as inextricably linked. We ensure that producers reach the agriculture goals of higher yields and better incomes. But we also help households and communities understand the importance of growing and buying more nutritious foods. And we engage women as key drivers of economic growth, knowing that their unique roles in agriculture, coupled with household and community responsibilities, often provide the basis for multiple gains.

In Burkina Faso, we take a market facilitation approach that integrates nutrition and gender in improving smallholder poultry production. In partnership with local NGOs and key government agencies, our team of local experts identifies the levers that will stimulate the poultry value chain while also ensuring that these economic gains translate into better nutrition for households and increased gender equality in communities. Read more.

We work alongside African institutions to think creatively about the most effective ways to integrate nutrition into agriculture programs. We have developed an interactive tool that walks agriculture practitioners through the design of appropriate nutrition-sensitive interventions. Read more.

Engaging female producers in productive agricultural activities is key to achieving agricultural transformation. In Zambia, we trained more than 45,000 farmers, more than half of which were women, to improve post-harvest handling practices. We facilitated market linkages with these producers to increase their access to buyers, suppliers, and service providers. Zambia – WIMAC Read more.


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