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The World Food Programme (WFP) is the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. Given the large demand for staple foods, purchasing power and locally-geared supply chains, WFP is also an expert in sourcing these staple foods in ways that benefit smallholder producers. The aim is to help raise smallholder incomes and improve their livelihoods, build sustainable food systems, advance food security, and achieve Zero Hunger. Despite WFP’s commitment to source from smallholder producers, these farmers face constraints including access to productive inputs, post-harvest storage, and extreme weather events.

Market Solution

Building from the lessons and experiences from its Purchase for Progress initiative, WFP collaborated with Tanager to further develop and strengthen WFP’s own methodology on engaging with smallholder producers. Tanager delivered regional trainings on the methodology in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Senegal, and South Africa. We have also partnered with WFP Uganda to assist with integrating smallholder producers into their Country Strategic Plan.

Through smallholder agricultural market support, WFP contributes to the Sustainable Development Goal of achieving Zero Hunger by increasing the production and incomes of smallholder farmers.


Smallholder Agricultural Market Support (SAMS) Guidance



Market Impact

  • WFP will link smallholder farmers to markets, increasing smallholder production and incomes.