WHERE : India

Siddipet district is a major agriculture producing district in Telangana, India. However, Siddipet’s smallholder farmers lack access to quality inputs, knowledge of new production techniques, and linkages to improved markets. These gaps have led to low yields, increased costs of production, excessive use of chemicals and fertilizers, and low quality produce. This results in lower economic returns for farmers despite their significant time and resource investments.

Market Solution

Success Stories: Eswaramma

Meet Eswaramma, who has grown successful and profitable tomato crops using an organic approach and new growing methods. Read more.

Tanager is implementing the UNDP-funded Siddipet Horticulture Improvement Pilot Project to improve organic practices and agricultural infrastructure. We are working with female farmers in Siddipet to apply organic production techniques for vegetables, reducing the cost of production and increasing the quality and uniformity of vegetables resulting in higher market value. We helped local farmers to establish a farmer producer company that sources vegetables from local farmers and sells produce to markets that pay a premium for vegetables produced with organic techniques, and we are also building the capacity of local farm entrepreneurs to aggregate produce through collection centers and to add value to produce through processing that allows these entrepreneurs to pay a better price to farmers while expanding their operations and earning profits.


Siddipet Horticulture Program