WHAT : Smallholder Producers

Supporting Smallholder Farmers

In a global economy, today’s biggest challenges are complex and interconnected. Businesses want strong, reliable supply chains. Producers want opportunities to participate in the global economy. Tanager aligns interests to co-create shared solutions that overcome market challenges and unleash the untapped potential in supply chains. We keep smallholder producers at the heart of what we co-create, so that market solutions become a force for economic and social gains for people and their communities. We put growth for good into action by equipping smallholder producers to boost their crop quality and yields and develop their capacity to sustain, expand, and profit from agriculture opportunities.

In Zambia, Tanager (operating as ASI) trained more than 45,000 farmers to improve their post-harvest handling practices, increasing their ability to market their groundnuts and soya beans at times when they can get the best price. We also facilitated market linkages with these trained producers to increase their access to buyers, suppliers, and service providers. Read more.

We identify the right models in the right context that result in the largest impacts for smallholder producers. In India, we take a community planning approach to connect producers with extension services and market linkages to help them make strategic decisions about their planting rotations to maximize a community’s returns throughout the year. Read more.

Also in India, we equip smallholder producers to respond to demand for organic produce and boost their profits through price premiums for these crops. We leverage local government initiatives to cost-effectively expand organic farming practices and establish local collection and distribution centers to increase producers’ access to end markets for their produce. Read more.