WHAT : Sustainable Sourcing

Profiting from Sustainable Sourcing
Do a world of good with your business.

By working together, global businesses and smallholder producers have tremendous potential to transform their market challenges into shared economic and social benefits. We help businesses make the connections to build reliable supply chains, and we work with smallholder producers to become efficient, productive, market-ready suppliers to achieve growth for good. We help smallholder producers profit in the global economy, enabling them to improve the quantity and quality of their yields to meet buyer specifications. We also partner with them to develop new products, practices, and quality controls to respond to global demand.

In Ghana and Liberia, we collaborated with the World Cocoa Foundation to increase cocoa producers’ productivity by building the business skills of both individual cocoa farmers as well as business service centers to support the needs of farmers. As a result, cocoa farmers achieved increased incomes. Read more.

In India, we are partnering throughout the mint supply chain to meet volume and quality demands of international markets, with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity to improve livelihoods for mint-producing households and communities. Read more.

India is one of the world’s largest peanut producers. For smallholder producers to benefit from external markets, peanuts need to meet export quality specifications – in particular aflatoxin levels. We are collaborating with market actors to study and address the different contamination points of aflatoxin within the supply chain to increase the profitability of the crop for producers.

The Shubh Mint project has increased mint oil production and incomes for over 22,000 smallholder farmers to ensure their profitability and sustainability of the industry.


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