Entrepreneur Snapshot: CLE Helps Groundnut Paste Producer Balance Business, Household Challenges

With support from the Cultivons l’Esprit de l’entreprise (CLE) project, Burkinabe entrepreneur Maïmouna Tamboura-Touré has been able to move her company Wellhôrè, specializing in groundnut paste and oil, beyond the theoretical to receive specialized practical training for her business.

Unlocking the potential of young people in Burkina Faso

This observation does not fail to draw a big smile from his neighbor, Djahouri Yarga, a trader in Dori. “Without the means, it is difficult to start a business. It’s a question of means” he says. “You have your little shop in the neighborhood, you’re doing pretty well. The merchant with whom you buy the products sees that you are fine. Since he has the means, he comes to open a big store in the same one where you are installed. You can’t compete with him”, he explains.