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About Tanager

Tanager, an ACDI/VOCA affiliate, is an international nonprofit that brings people together at the table, on the ground, and across supply chains to co-create economic and social opportunities that change lives. Working closely with our partners, we align interests to expand market access and unlock the full potential of shared market opportunities that result in reliable supply chains, stable incomes, healthy families, and resilient communities. Established in 1993, we work with the ACDI/VOCA family of companies to make agriculture work better for people. We offer a focused and diligent team of locally based experts and international advisors who work with our partners to reach common goals.

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About the APMI project

The Africa Poultry Multiplication Initiative (APMI) is a multi-year project implemented by the World Poultry Foundation in Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. The program aims to increase ownership of dual-purpose birds (DPBs) to improve smallholder farmer (SHF) livelihoods. Implemented by 4 local private-sector partners (2 in Tanzania, 1 in Nigeria and 1 in Zimbabwe), the program aims to impact over 2.0 million rural households by providing complete value chain opportunities for poultry production. This includes access to appropriate improved genetics, affordable quality feed, quality vaccines, technical extension training, and a market development program for the offtake of the excess meat and eggs produced.

To reach APMI’s goals of increasing women’s access to poultry production resources and increasing consumption of chicken and eggs by rural communities in Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. Tanager works with the four APMI poultry companies by providing technical assistance (TA) to better understand the value of gender and nutrition integration as well as supporting them design messages or outreach strategies, that will allow them to reach their objectives.

Project Goals

The program has four goals.
• Increased poultry production and productivity
• Increased rural household income
• Improved household nutrition
• Increased women’s empowerment


Tanager is seeking to contract a firm or individual with the capacity to conduct a training for field-level officers’ that enables them to deliver women’s inclusion and nutrition messages in local communities to generate demand for the dual-breed Sasso chickens. Under the supervision of Tanager’s Nutrition Expert, the consultant will undertake the training to cover the proposed client’s officers in a 4-days (3 days for field officers and TOTs plus 1 day for TOTs) session for Field Support Representatives

To view the details of Tanager’s Request for Proposal: Hamara In-person training Consultant, including how to apply, please download and carefully read and fill out the attachment below (available in Word and PDF versions).


Attachment: Request for Proposal: Hamara In-person training Consultant – Word


Attachment: Request for Proposal: Hamara In-person training Consultant – PDF



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