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About Tanager

Tanager, an ACDI/VOCA affiliate, is an international nonprofit that brings people together at the table, on the ground, and across supply chains to co-create economic and social opportunities that change lives. Working closely with our partners, we align interests to expand market access and unlock the full potential of shared market opportunities that result in reliable supply chains, stable incomes, healthy families, and resilient communities. Established in 1993, we work with the ACDI/VOCA family of companies to make agriculture work better for people. We offer a focused and diligent team of locally based experts and international advisors who work with our partners to reach common goals.

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About the IGNITE Project

The Impacting Gender & Nutrition through Innovative Technical Exchange in Agriculture (IGNITE) mechanism is a five-year investment funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and implemented by Tanager to improve household nutrition and women’s empowerment by strengthening African institutions’ ability to integrate nutrition and gender into their way of doing business and their agriculture interventions.

IGNITE works with African institutions to design, implement, and evaluate nutrition-sensitive and gender-integrated agriculture interventions. IGNITE also strengthens the ability of African institutions to incorporate nutrition and gender equality into their policy priorities and business practices their way of doing business. Based on the interventions implemented by IGNITE clients, IGNITE identifies key mechanisms and drivers of demand for the scale up and replication of nutrition-sensitive and gender-integrated interventions. IGNITE activities are targeted in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Tanzania. Clients include NGOs, private sector companies, and government bodies working in agriculture.

Project Goals

  1. Strengthen African institutions to integrate nutrition-sensitive and gender-integrated approaches into their agriculture interventions and their way of doing business.
  2. Identify models that demonstrate ways of effectively and efficiently increasing both equitable consumption of safe, affordable, nutritious diets year-round and increased women’s empowerment in agriculture.
  3. Cultivate network of local service providers [LSP] to reach greater nutrition impact and gender equality in agriculture through ongoing technical assistance.

Project Overview

In Burkina Faso, IGNITE has among its clients the Professional Association of Decentralized Financial Systems of Burkina Faso (AP/SFD-BF). IGNITE is supporting AP/SFD-BF and its members to strengthen their institutional capacity to mainstream gender in their work. IGNITE and AP/SFD-BF have identified key areas for partnership aligned to the current AP/SFD-BF organizational strategy. In this partnership IGNITE will assist AP/SFD-BF in building their own understanding skills, and competencies. IGNITE will support AP/SFD-BF in its gender mainstreaming efforts and will create an opportunity to change the landscape of financial institutions in Burkina Faso.


Tanager is seeking to contract an individual consultant with the capacity to conduct a training in financial services and women’s economic empowerment for AP/SFD-BF and its members. This training should enable AP/SFD-BF and its members to integrating gender in their management and operations, and, in addition, understand and design financial services and products meeting beneficiaries needs to improve women’s empowerment. This will be an in-person training in Burkina Faso and is designed to equip AP/SFD-BF and its members to:

  • Understand the prominent role of financial services as a catalyst of women’s economic empowerment
  • Understand and be able to explain how financial services contributes to women’s empowerment
  • Understand and be able to transfer skills on how financial institutions can design gender sensitive products and services and offer financial services in agriculture landscape
  • Be able to understand basic ways to measure and analyze women’s empowerment through financial services and products
  • Be skilled on how they can mainstream gender in their institutional ways of managing and operating as financial institution.

IGNITE proposes the following modules to support the intersection training of gender and financial inclusion.

  1. Gender Equity in Microfinance Institution (MFI) Management and Operations
  2. Know Your Customer (KYC) and Gender-Sensitive Products and Services
  3. Gender Data and Utilization in MFI Portfolio Monitoring

In addition to delivering these modules a training to AP/SFD-BF, the firm or consultant will also deliver a Trainer of Trainer’s (ToT) training to IGNITE’s Local Service Provider.

Task & Responsibilities

Under the supervision of IGNITE Gender Expert based in Burkina Faso, the firm or consultant will:

  • Review and provide input to the three training modules developed by IGNITE
  • Deliver the in-person training to AP/SFD-BF and its members on each of the modules
  • Develop a consolidated report for the trainings
  • Undertake a ToT training with IGNITE’s Local Service Provider on the three gender and financial inclusion modules.

For more information and to apply for this consultancy, please download and complete the Request for Proposal form below.

Request for  Proposal: Individual Consultancy to support Gender and Financial Inclusion Training (WORD)


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