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About Tanager

Tanager, an ACDI/VOCA affiliate, is an international nonprofit that brings people together at the table, on the ground, and across supply chains to co-create economic and social opportunities that change lives. Working closely with our partners, we align interests to expand market access and unlock the full potential of shared market opportunities that result in reliable supply chains, stable incomes, healthy families, and resilient communities. Established in 1993, we work with the ACDI/VOCA family of companies to make agriculture work better for people. We offer a focused and diligent team of locally based experts and international advisors who work with our partners to reach common goals.

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Project Overview

The Impacting Gender & Nutrition through Innovative Technical Exchange in Agriculture (IGNITE) mechanism is a five-year investment funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and implemented by Tanager to improve household nutrition and women’s empowerment by strengthening African institutions’ ability to integrate nutrition and gender into their way of doing business and their agriculture interventions.

IGNITE is supporting its clients through client decision focused research to test and learn how the design and implementation models within their agricultural programming is impacting on women’s empowerment, gender equality and improving nutrition. IGNITE has also engaged four Local Service Providers (LSPs) based in Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Ethiopia as part of its sustainability to build the capacity of these organisation and work with these LSPs to co-deliver technical assistance to our clients across the four countries

Assignment Overview

Tanager is looking for an experienced and highly efficient Event Planning Coordinator to join our team as an individual consultant on a 5-month consultancy basis to work with our Operations and Logistics team as well as our technical and research teams to plan for two high-level experience sharing and learning forums to be held later in 2022 (tentatively in October 2022 in Addis, Ethiopia and November in Mombasa/ Nairobi, Kenya 2022).

About the Learning Forums

IGNITE aims to organize two experiences sharing, learning and capacity strengthening forums between August and December of 2022. The LSP “Summit” and the Research “Summit” will bring together representatives from IGNITE clients, LSPs, donor, IGNITE technical experts, and relevant industry stakeholders. Each of these forums will have between 40 – 60 people.

LSP Summit

The LSP Summit will be a 3-day workshop bringing together the LSPs, IGNITE technical team, IGNITE (Technical, Learning, & Application (TLA), and management, and representatives from the donor, to share learnings and experiences so far gathered from IGNITE clients’ Technical Assistance (TA) provision, while providing an opportunity to get feedback from some of the clients on impact of technical assistance support by IGNITE  The LSP Summit will also provide an opportunity for the team to brainstorm on the future of IGNITE TA through a sustainable LSP service delivery model.

Research Summit

The Research Summit will be a 3 – 5-day dissemination and learning forum where IGNITE will be sharing research findings from various studies undertaken with clients in 2021 and 2022. The aim of this summit is to disseminate the findings and learn from IGNITE clients how they have moved the findings to action within their own program design and implementation.

Key Responsibilities

Coordinating Content Development

The Event Planning Coordinator will coordinate with the respective content team members from the technical and research teams to ensure:

  • All content including agenda, facilitation notes, resources and background materials, speaker presentations and notes, case studies, learning briefs are fully developed.
  • All technical resource persons – session facilitators, note takers, lead rapporteur, timekeepers, moderators, guest speakers if any are identified and well briefed for their respective roles. In addition, the Event Planning Coordinator will work with the respective resource persons to prepare for individual sessions.
  • Each resource person has the relevant templates and technical resource materials for each session.
  • Coordinate all resource persons in consultation with the technical leads (LSP Summit – LSP Manager and Research Summit – Research Manager) to ensure a smooth flow of each session.

Logistics Management

The Event Planning Coordinator will collaborate with the IGNITE Operations and Logistics team members to ensure:

  • The identification, procurement, booking, and management of appropriate venues for each of the respective events based on the design and structure of each forum and the diversity of participants.
  • Close coordination to secure flight tickets, invitation letters, visas, and local transport logistics for participants where applicable.
  • Development and timely sharing of logistic notes with all participants as well as sharing critical information with regards to travel restrictions in the hosting country for any in-bound participants.

Event Planning and Management

The Event Planning Coordinator will collaborate with the respective teams to ensure:

  • The set-up of a central repository channel working closely with the Project Assistant for all conference materials and resources for easy access and version control.
  • Regularly upload all materials on the central repository, including presentations, briefs, case studies, and training modules.
  • Time management with the technical session leads as well as the conference management team from the selected venues.
  • Drafting Scopes of Works (SOWs) and the identification of additional resources for instance event moderators, rapporteur, interpretation services and any media coverage as deemed necessary by the Tanager team and working closely with the procurement team.
  • Coordination with the Tanager Operations team to print all necessary visibility materials like banners, brochures, name tags, table tags, session labels, and registration lists.
  • Coordinate all registrations of participants during each forum.
  • Coordinate with the venue for all day-to-day logistical aspects – internet, refreshments, and meeting spaces.
  • Coordinate with Tanager’s Senior Director of Communications and Partnerships all social media visibility (pre – during – post) of the different forums

For the successful consultant, a detailed Scope of Work (SOW) and workplan will be developed with Tanager and technical leads monthly, outlining clear milestones per month and deliverables.



The consultant will deliver the following outputs:

  • Professional planning of the learning forums to successful completion.
  • One pager for each of the 2 key activities to be used in Tanager’s online blog.
  • A closeout planning report with all relevant links and submission of the necessary documentation to close each forum which will include action points for each forum and a summary of lessons learnt from the planning and execution of the forums for consideration by Tanager in the future.

Request for Proposal – Consultancy (Individual) for Planning High-Level Experience Sharing and Learning Forums





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