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Organizational Description

Tanager is an international nonprofit that connects smallholder producers and private businesses to co-create new ways of realizing life-changing economic and social opportunity. Our process builds on years of technical expertise, on-the-ground presence and public/private partnerships to unite economic growth with social innovation. Together, we are ushering in an era of equitable market systems that combine profitability with the power to address urgent challenges in poverty, malnutrition, and gender inequity.

Tanager provides a full range of services to co-create healthy markets that benefit all participants:

Connect: Tanager connects people and partners to bridge stakeholder divides, expand market access, and unlock the full potential of shared market opportunities. We bring the right people to the table and make sure every voice is heard, linking smallholder producers to major consumer brands and everyone in between.

Analyze: Tanager combines technical expertise and business perspective to assess markets, analyze supply chains, and pilot new technologies and tools. We test promising business models and shed light on issues critical to market success. We advance research vital to emerging economies. Our analytical approach helps us identify variables early on, which saves time and money in the long run.

Implement: Tanager is a flexible implementing partner with a track record of delivering results in complex, dynamic environments. We drive ambitious initiatives to the finish line with a clear roadmap and the right resources at the right time and place. Our global expertise and on-the-ground presence brings last-mile experience crucial to sustainable market solutions. Clients know they can count on us to keep our word and see things through.

People & Values

It takes bold hearts and resourceful minds to change the world. Our mission attracts high-caliber professionals who are dedicated to the work we do and the way we do it. We take risks, roll up our sleeves, and push the boundaries of what’s possible. We listen, learn, and adapt rapidly, without losing sight of our end goal or the momentum needed to reach it.

We are a networked team that supports each other. We live our mission and exhibit and embrace the following values:


  • Make choices using sound thinking, intelligence, and experience.
  • Be honest and ethical in everything you do and say.
  • Set high standards and learn from your mistakes to continually improve.
  • Trust your teammates’ capabilities and intentions.


  • Build strong connections with our partners and communities to achieve results.
  • Work as a team with everyone at the table and reach out for input as well as advice.
  • Measure success, not by the boxes we tick, but by the real difference you make in people’s lives.


  • Strive to achieve equilibrium in all you do.
  • Exercise perspective and prioritize what is important.
  • Align the interests, expectations, and needs of those we work with.
  • Balance seriousness with humor and levity, and our work with our personal lives.


  • Ask, evaluate, innovate, and apply to deliver the best result for all.
  • Be agile, efficient, and adaptable in your relationships, processes, and work.
  • Take what we’ve learned and adapt to each new situation.

Position Summary

The Subject Matter Specialist– Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture will be responsible for providing technical support on the integration of nutrition-sensitive agriculture approaches and activities for the APFMRP 2 project. S/he will be responsible for conducting relevant research, contributing strategic planning and program design, developing operational guidelines and training materials related to the nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions, and ensuring efficient and effective implementation of the nutrition-sensitive agriculture activities through regular monitoring and technical support of the project team. S/He will be based in Tanakallu(Ananthpur), Hiramandalam(Srikakulam) Andhra Pradesh.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Research and Assessment Studies

  • Design and implement relevant research and field assessments to identify nutrition-sensitive approaches that increase consumption of safe, nutritious food
  • Present findings from nutrition-related studies in a clear, coherent fashion through reports, dashboards, and presentations
  • Work closely with agriculture and gender colleagues on the APFMRP to integrate findings from studies into the design of activities and approaches

Program Design and Planning

  • Act as technical resource for integrating nutrition-sensitive agriculture strategies and activities across the APFMRP 2 project
  • Contribute not the design and customization of relevant reference material and training modules for community based on findings and recommendations from the assessment
  • Work closely with the senior leadership to design and develop nutrition strategies and, contextualize nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions (taking into account the study findings) to be rolled out across projects
  • Ensure on time, on target, and on budget implementation of planned nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions targeting the project beneficiaries
  • Liaise with DC-based nutrition, gender, and SBC experts, as needed, to support the design of project training materials and interventions

Training and Capacity Building

  • Facilitate training of trainers (ToT) and supervise subsequent training of women beneficiaries, FPO BoDs, members of the FPGs and other project stakeholders on nutrition, study findings, and nutrition-sensitive agriculture approaches
  • Build capacity of project teams to implement Tanager’s nutrition-sensitive agriculture approach in APFMRP 2 activities

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Documentation

  • Ensure integration and tracking of nutrition outcomes in project KPIs
  • Periodically review progress and interim results to ensure alignment with the overall vision of the project
  • Ensure that milestones and deliverables as per the action plan are achieved within stipulated timelines
  • Ensure proper documentation of all major activities and share the same with the Program leadership

Partnership and Relationship Building

  • Maintain excellent communication and strong working relationships with the leadership and functionaries of different related Government departments (Health, ICDS, etc.), key players at the national level such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank, UNICEF, and other NGOs and civil society organizations to raise the visibility of Tanager’s expertise in nutrition-sensitive agriculture

Other duties as assigned by your supervisor.


  • Graduate or Post Graduate Degree in Nutrition, Public Health, Food Systems, or related field
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Fluent in both written and verbal English and Local Language
  • Minimum 6 years of relevant experience working on nutrition-sensitive agriculture or food systems programs
  • Strong report writing skills
  • Demonstrated expertise in conducting nutrition-sensitive research or assessments
  • Demonstrated experience in designing and conducting training related to nutrition
  • Demonstrated knowledge of best approaches for integrating nutrition in agriculture programs
  • Willing to learn and adapt to environment
  • Good team management skill

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