IGNITE: Diagnostic Tool, Handbook, & Case Study

IGNITE Diagnostic Tool with Handbook & Case Study

Application of this tool illustrates how much capacity an agricultural development partner has on gender and nutrition and helps identify areas that can be built to increase technical capacity in gender and nutrition integration.


Download the IGNITE Diagnostic Tool & Handbook here

Download the IGNITE Diagnostic Tool Case Study here

IGNITE Overview

The Impacting Gender & Nutrition through Innovative Technical Exchange in Agriculture (IGNITE) mechanism is a five-year investment funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and implemented by Tanager, Laterite, and 60 Decibels to strengthen African institutions’ ability to integrate nutrition and gender into their way of doing business and their agriculture interventions.

IGNITE also identifies models that demonstrate ways of effectively and efficiently increasing both equitable consumption of safe, affordable, nutritious diets year-round and increased women’s empowerment in agriculture, and cultivates networks of local service providers to reach greater nutrition impact and gender equality in agriculture through ongoing technical assistance.