Tanager has fully operational offices in Burkina Faso, Colombia, Ghana, India, Kenya, and Zambia. Over our 25-year history, we have worked across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, in countries including Egypt, Ethiopia, and Liberia. Along with our parent organization ACDI/VOCA, our connections on the ground give us valuable insight to alleviate poverty, food insecurity and gender inequities.

Tanager works in Burkina Faso with development organizations, microfinance institutions, and local government to unlock the full potential of shared market opportunities in the poultry value chain. We are strengthening the poultry supply chain to achieve multiple gains in women’s economic empowerment and better nutrition for families and communities. We are building strong connections between actors in the poultry value chain to create a more vibrant poultry market and increase profits for smallholder producers.

In Colombia, where stereotypes of ethnic youth link them to violence and armed conflict, Tanager aims to confront the barriers they face through job training and placement programs. Young people receive specialized technical training in high-growth sectors and learn soft skills to help them find and keep work at the end of their training. We piloted this work with support from Diageo’s Learning for Life program in collaboration with our parent organization ACDI/VOCA. We have scaled up this employability model to provide workforce training in Bogota, Cali, Cartagena, and Barranquilla, placing hundreds of youth with employment in 72 different companies in the sales, marketing, hospitality, textiles and manufacturing sectors. In doing so, local employers and governments have formed unlikely alliances to help ensure youth have access to formal, high-quality employment.

Tanager works in Ghana with agribusinesses, producers, and telecommunications companies to streamline procurement processes, roll out mobile payments platforms through supply chains, and provide last-mile financial services to rural farmers. We piloted this work with support from NetHope, the Visa Foundation, and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa in collaboration with large food producer and early adopter GADCO and its network of 25,000 farmers. With proof of concept, we’ve scaled up this technology to five different crops with eight agribusiness partners. Our work currently links 5,000 smallholder farmers to financial institutions through mobile wallets to access formal credit and saving services.

Tanager brings the right people to the table in India, from smallholder producers to major consumer brands and everyone along the supply chain, to improve the productivity and profitability of Indian farmers and strengthen sustainable supply chains. We combine technical expertise and business perspective to assess markets, analyze supply chains, and pilot new technologies and tools in collaboration with market leaders such as Mars Wrigley Confectionary, Walmart, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the UNDP, and thought leaders such as the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP), NABARD, and the Sustainable Food Lab. We help farmers to increase their incomes through the supply of quality production to higher value markets. We also solve complex agricultural problems to create value for farmers and other members of the supply chain.

Tanager works in Kenya to test market innovations that improve food security and food safety. We currently work with storage manufacturing companies, national and county ministries, and grain sector experts to pilot an innovative market systems approach to behavior change. With funding from the AgResults Initiative, Tanager is testing the effectiveness of a “pull” mechanism to incentivize the private sector to invest in expanding market demand for improved hermetic post-harvest storage technologies. We have also investigated storage and drying solutions that mitigate aflatoxin prevalence in maize, thereby improving the quality of this key staple food crop.

Today’s toughest market challenges are interconnected. So are the solutions. We bring people together to get things done. We make new connections that create opportunity—providing producers with access to markets, bridging gaps in supply chains, strengthening human capital, and connecting economic opportunities with social gains. We also connect foundations, policymakers, and governments with communities, and work alongside them to achieve greater collective impact. One relationship leads to another, building resources, scale, and momentum as people see results and realize their ability to be part of strong, sustainable economies.

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