Who : Our People

Sergio Rivas


Joseph Boulier

Managing Director, Food Systems

Beth Leonhardt

Managing Director, Partnerships and Climate Resilience

Mayu Mishina

Senior Director, Strategic Communications

Romain Kenfack

Country Representative, Burkina Faso

Maureen Munjua

Country Representative, Kenya

Sami Saran

Deputy Country Representative, India

Deborah Atwood


Erica Bliss


Patricia Garamendi

Director Emeritus

Andrew Gilbert


Sylvia Megret

President & CEO, ACDI/VOCA

Mortimer Neufville

Director Emeritus

Luis Sahmkow


Asif M. Shaikh


Guevera Yao


Djibril Compaore

Poultry Lead, SE LEVER

Josias Compaore

Nutrition Expert, IGNITE

Charles Karari

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Manager, IGNITE

Catherine Macharia-Mutie

Deputy Team Leader, IGNITE

Melissa Matlock

Associate Director, Gender and Social Inclusion, ACDI/VOCA

Kathryn Merkel

Associate Director of Nutrition and Food Systems, ACDI/VOCA

Leonard Mulei

Research Associate, IGNITE

Olive Muthamia

Nutrition Expert, IGNITE

Asha Ntakune

Nutrition Expert, IGNITE

Samwel Oando

Research Manager, IGNITE

Sokhna Rokhaya GAYE MBODJ

Gender Expert, IGNITE

Abhijeet Sharma

Abhijeet Sharma

Project Manager, Shubh Mint

Dave Shaw

Director, Data & Learning

S.P. Singh

S.P. Singh, PhD

Agriculture Science Technical Director, India

Dr. Mary Thamari

Gender Expert, IGNITE

Cheryl Turner

Cheryl Turner

Executive Vice President of Technical Learning and Application, ACDI/VOCA

Jenn Williamson

Jenn Williamson, PhD

Vice President, Gender and Social Inclusion, ACDI/VOCA

Sita Zougouri

Director of Gender and Social Inclusion, SE LEVER